• Sat 10:30-9pm

  • Sun 10:30-4pm'

  • Saturday and Sunday tentative schedule based on max # of entrants per category.

    If any categories are combined the competition will be at the later category time and the earlier time will become festival dancing

2019 Vendors: Gaylene's Boutique, Aneena's Silk Veils, For The Frill Of It, Fearless Glamour, 
           Gilana's Goodies, Kizmit, Drachma Trading 

9:30 Vendors in
10:30 Doors Open 11:00 - 12:00 Festival Dancing - recorded music - Announcer: Saroya Poirier [Open times] Shakeelah Shimmy on the Raks Jeannie
12:00 - 1:00 OPEN ROUNDTABLE COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Topic - Should this art be considered a Niche Hobby Community or Dance Profession? 2:00 Hobbyist & Semi- Pro Order: Alira Vivian Wang Dennise Katty Zhao Kendra Ying Xu
2:30 Themed and General Humor (Solo or Troupe) Kazad Dum Shakeelah Vivian Wang RAFFLE 3:00 - 4:30 Festival Dancing - Announcer: Galatea Kizmit True Marion Moat Chandani Mariana AWARD PRESENTATION: Hobbyist/Semi-Pro; Themed & General Humor Peggy Nielsen Liska Basheera Basima & George Sekal Tamzine RAFFLE 4:30 American Ambassador Pro Prelims Order: Aurora Gabriella Liz
5:00 Duet/Troupe Competition Order: Summer Flowers Osdez Twins 5:00 - 6 LIVE Festival Dancing Liz Diane Sahaila Gayle 6:30 Doors open RAFFLE 7:00 Evening Show featuring Special Guests (schedule still tentative): Aneena
       Eternal Sands
       Shay's Deep Roots Dance
       Saroya Poirier?
       JSDC duet: Nona and Kiara
       Rose Hips
       Gilana  - 2018 Ambassador of Bellydance!
10:00 Vendors in
10:30 Doors Open 10:45 LIVE Festival & Recorded and Critique Block LIVE: Saqra LIVE: Samarah LIVE: Iris LIVE: Aelora Live or CD: Amalynn Critique: Carolin Sterling Critique: Critique: RAFFLE 12:30 Semi-Pro Hobbyist Over 45 Order: Cheryl Shakeelah Maia Mira Na'imah
1:00 Cymbal Master Demonstration Cheryl 1:30 Festival Dancing - Announcer: Saroya Poirier Alahad Shamal Dance Co Hitomi Na'imah Gilana Shamal Dance Co Gayle Shahrezade Dance Ensemble
2:30 American Ambassador Pro Finals Order: Liz Aurora Gabriella FINAL RAFFLE
AWARDS PRESENTATION: Royal Congeniality Award; Cymbal Master; Semi-Pro Hobbyist Over 45; American Ambassador Pro 2019