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All registrations and entry fees should be paid via PayPal through our registration page
or you may print the registration page and mail a check and registration to: 
Lynn Parsley
27530 Florence Acres Road
Monroe, WA  98272

Please provide a short bio (no more than 50 words) and a photo with your registration.
Email these to gilana@bellydancecompetition.com

Competition entries must be postmarked no later than Sept 10, 2018.  A waiting list will be
kept in the event categories become full and categories will be filled on a first come, first
serve basis.

If a category does not meet the minimum entries to fun the category, we may ask you
to either move up to the next category if applicable, or you may perform solely for
critique and feedback from the judges.  In the event of a category cancellation, the entrance
fee will be refunded.

Please take note of time allowances so as not to incur time penalties.  You are allowed a 5
second grace period for mechanical/human error.  If you go over the alloted time and grace
period, 20 points will be deducted from your overall score.

MUSIC:  Please  bring 2 CDs with ONLY your competition music on them; clearly labeled with
your name and category on them.  Music in all categories must be Middle Eastern unless
otherwise indicated in the category.  Check your category requirements before entering.  If
you need clarification as to what is acceptable, please contact me.  The use of non ME
music in a category that requires it will result in a 50 point score reduction.

DANCER CHECK IN:  Proceed to the dressing room and check in with the Stage Mama.  Give
her your music, let her know whether you are starting on or off stage, and draw for your
dance order. 

The facility does NOT allow glitter.  Please do NOT use glitter polish, lotion or gel.  Glitter on
costumes is acceptable as it can be vaccumed up.

No fire allowed in any category.

No props allowed unless specifically indicated for a category.  A veil and finger cymals are
NOT considered props.  Isis wings and fan veils ARE considered props.  Finger cymbals are
not required.

No live music is allowed except in the Live Music Pro category, which is provided by the
band provided by La Danse Orientale for the competition.

Contestants may enter as many categories as may apply to them.

No entries will be accepted at the door; pre-registration is required.

This is a family oriented event and all performances must be appropriate for all ages to

VIDEO:  No recording or flash photograhy of competitors is allowed by private parties.
This also applies to cell phones.  You may take pictures on camera or cell WITHOUT flash, and
appropriate time will be provided after categories and during awards ceremonies to take
photos.  We have a videographer for this event and flash interferes with the video quality.
This rule will be strictly enforced and anyone found using flash will be asked to leave.

STAGING:  Dancers may start on or off stage.  Your time begins when the music starts
and ends when you leave the stage.  Contestants in all categories but the Professional  
categories must remain behind the marked stage line during entire performance. 
The stage area is NOT raised, has low pile carpet, and looks as follows:

We have a zero tolerance policy of intoxication of any kind; and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.
All contestants, teachers and supporters are expected to demonstrate professional behavior
to all participants and staff.  Intoxication or mistreatment of staff and contestants will result
in immediate disqualification with no refund of entry fees.

All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, no exceptions.  Contestants are not
considered fully registered and entered until all fees are paid in full.

There is a one year wait period to enter a category if you have previously won that category.
Example: if you won a category in 2017, you cannot enter that category in 2018, but may enter
in subsequent years.


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