[General Rules]




  • ONLY Ambassador 1 & 2 both have an ON SITE preliminary requirement. The preliminary performance will be live at the Competition event, held in Kent, WA USA. See the correct category below for more details.


  • Most categories do NOT have preliminaries.
  • Please send Photo/Bio to: Saqra@saqra.net with Subject line your performance name and category. Or mail to Saqra, 23625 41st Ave S, Kent WA 98032
  • Sorry, no refunds unless event is completely canceled
  • You must follow any additional rules listed in your specific categories below.
  • You are allowed a 10 second mechanical/human error for competition time. However, if you go over this time 50 points will be deducted from your overall score.
  • Middle Eastern Music MUST make up a minimum of 60% of your total performance UNLESS otherwise noted below. If you exceed the 40% allowed and it is noticed, you will be penalized 50 points. However, it is RECOMMENDED that all the music seems to be Middle Eastern as there is a KNOWN JUDGE BIAS against alternative music in non-alternative categories. If you use "Jamileh" (which incidentally, is an American produced song by an Armenian artist) you are just likely to do better with the judges than if you use "Oh Suzannah"
  • Props are okay in any category.
  • Finger cymbals are not required in any category, but there are extra points available for the judges to award at their discretion for good cymbal use in ALL categories.
  • Tribal, Fusion, Goth, etc performers may enter any category. All contestants are scored the same regardless of style.
  • NO FIRE is allowed in the Kent Senior Activities Center.
  • No Live music unless the performers are playing and dancing at the same time.
  • Music must be on a CD or mp3 - phones are NOT recommended. 
  • Competition order will be randomly assigned and will be placed on the eevent schedule page prior to the competition. If you are not ready to perform at your assigned time you will forfeit your participation and all fees.
  • Performers must not be substance impaired or attitude impaired they will be asked to leave and will be required to default their participation. No refunds will be made.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If a category does not have the minimum # of competitors indicated above you will be asked to move up to the next appropriate category if there is one. NO category that can't be combined with another one will be cancelled. Please see the chart on http://www.bellydancecompetition.com/livecompetition.html  to see what you may be combined with.
    You do have the option of performing for Judge's Critique OR being refunded instead, but no prizes would be awarded.



*"Workshop Invitation" is an invitation to teach a paid workshop on the Friday evening before the next calendar year competition, or Saturday workshop AT the next competition.